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IBM Why do my BigFix clients report not reported for every action

Note : A simple test from the BigFix Console can help determine if UDP messages are being blocked. On the Computers tab in the BigFix Console select a computer and then right mouse click to select the option "Send Refresh". See the following document for information on enabling command polling when UDP is blocked: m/support/s?uidswg21505846 Note : The BigFix Clients will report in normally on their heartbeat interval so make sure that the BigFix Client was responding to the refresh and wasn't reporting on its normal schedule. BigFix Clients are unable to use efficient MIME while efficient MIME is being used for actions. Beginning with BigFix/BigFix 7.0 actions can be created using an efficient MIME format which is incompatible with pre-BigFix/BigFix 7.0 BigFix Clients. The BigFix Clients will not receive their UDP messages if there is a firewall blocking UDP packets on the BigFix port (52311 by default if there is a NAT translator between the BigFix Server and the BigFix Clients (or BigFix Relays and BigFix Clients if the computers are running personal firewalls like Zone Alarm, Black.

At this time, they will notice any actions sent out. You can test if the BigFix Clients can receive UDP messages by right-clicking on the computer in the BigFix Console and sending a refresh.

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If UDP messages are able to get to the BigFix Client you will see an entry similar to "ForceRefresh command received" in the client's logfile. See the following reference for information on where the BigFix Client log files are kept: Location of the BigFix Client Logs.

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