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Therefore this was a positive outcome of globalisation as the businesses and productsneeded their services to grow along with the rate of globalisation so that they did not lose business. Itwas also a positive outcome as the manufacturers were able to produce products at a more timeefficient rate and therefore for our businesses we were. This means that in the pastthe presentation of the first great western trains showed that it was a poor quality and now just fromdoing primary research and extra funding from the government the train services were able to changethis and they have adapted the trains to have seats and appropriate standards for travel.   It is important to understand identity because we are faced with the challenge of accepting and appreciating other culture systems in order to avoid ethnic nationalism and hostility.   Everyone has a natural idea of what cultural identity is, just like anybody else I can tell you about my background and where I come. These concepts manifest themselves to my culture because it creates the idea that norms and practices can be shared amongst each other. Whether one lives in the United States, China, or Bosnia and Herzegovina, globalization is having a profound affect on how people live their lives.

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Culture Globalization Nedim Cano GS 150 Unit Essay 2. Cultural Globalization Culture, Identity, and Globalization, for quite sometime, has been the topic of discussion.   Generally culture is perceived as the way of life of a person, from language, imagination, arts, music, patterns of eating, and images such as dress and conceptions of beauty are.

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There are a few positive effects that I would like to focus on as I seethem as some of the most important aspects of globalisation, the first of the four points that I haveresearched and chosen is the idea of technology and services that have dramatically changedthrough globalisation.

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