Difference between balance-to-limit ratio and debt-to-income

Credit limit tricks: Keep a high score while still using your card

Experian UK: Credit Score Reports Business Leads Solutions. Products. A large unnecessary credit limit can be a worry, so I do understand your concerns. Forget the old 30 idea Start by throwing out the old notion about 30 percent usage being OK. FICO, the company that originated credit scoring and is still the largest provider of such scores, has long advised score-conscious consumers to be far more stingy about credit use. Its studies indicate that there is only a minimal score difference between consumers who limit their usage to less than 20 percent and those who keep it to less than 10 percent, he says. Your FICO score does not consider your credit limit by itself. Generally speaking, the higher your utilization rate is, the greater is the risk that you will default on.

If you see too much available credit or something similar, you probably need to close an account or have your credit limits reduced. Risk factors are typically listed in order of importance.

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"I think 20 percent, for a lot of people, is more realistic. I would rather talk about that as a realistic goal that they can attain, rather than something that might feel like a stretch and out of reach.".

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